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'It makes sense for Government agencies to share appropriate information when our childrens safety is the priority. "That's quite a small number of people, probably about 300 to 350 of those either come out of prison or come off a community sentence each year.". The register allows authorities to be more proactive in identifying risk and working to prevent reoffending and the harm that this causes to children. Information required, when living in the community, registered offenders will be required to provide a range of personal information for the register. If a neighbourhood finds that they have a sex offender living in their neighbourhood they're going to drive them out.". Police Minister Anne Tolley confirmed a register was being developed, and cabinet was considering a number of options over who might be captured on it, and who would be able to view. CSOs must also file reports with the Police when any change to their personal information or any permanent physical alteration to their appearance are made. When a registered offender leaves prison they are required to start reporting their personal information to the register, and to continue to report it until the end of their registration period.

Police estimate that there will initially be around 1750 people in total on the register, made up of around 550 living in the community who will be required to start reporting, and around 1200 who will be on the register but are still serving their. The Privacy Act and Official Information Act protect everyones right to a certain level of privacy and prohibit the release of certain information about individuals, including people convicted of an offence. Our privacy and copyright policies: 2 /help/officers. The register commenced operation on The register is a record of a range of up to date personal information about registered child sex offenders living in the community. In these situations, details about the registered offender can be disclosed to the relevant people involved with the children eg parents, schools, and care-givers. In most cases, the people who commit sexual crimes against children are not strangers to their victims research has shown that in around 90 percent of child sex abuse cases the perpetrator is known to the child or family. A Child Sex Offender Register has recently been established under new legislation, the. If you find this service useful as an OIA officer, please ask your web manager to link to us from your organisation's FOI page. Kind regards, Official Correspondence Team I Ministry of Justice.

And there are penalties if those protocols are not adhered to and if people pass on that information. Rehabilitation and support programmes, supportive family and social networks, and pro-active management of risk factors all contribute to these people living an offence-free life. Releasing people from prison, almost every person sent to prison will one day leave. Information sharing between relevant agencies is recognised as an important element in the monitoring of risk of reoffending by known child sex offenders. Hi Alecia, Thank you for your email regarding convicted sex offenders.


Depending on their crime and sentence, some offenders may be able to move off the register, while others would be on there for life. "I understand the community concern, and if I was a parent I would want to know Tolley  said. The departments view information sharing as an important part of prevention and monitoring the risk of reoffending by child sex offenders. Other Government agencies that had direct dealings with the impact of sexual abuse on children would likely also have access - that could include the Ministry for Social Development, and the Department of Building and Housing. Those offenders who were convicted of a qualifying offence and sentenced to imprisonment prior to the legislation coming into force, and are still in prison or have been released from prison but are subject to conditions or extended supervision orders on that date, are required. Some lawyers have voiced their concern over language used within the Act and potential stumbling blocks that could arise, including over-burdening of both the Corrections Department and the Police force, and too much onus on the offender. She wasn't ruling out expanding the group to include those who had committed sexual crimes against other adults. But we're proposing we start on a very small targeted group, evaluate it after three or four years, and we'd design the legislation so it then can be expanded.". Where information about someone on the register is released, there are strict disclosure protocols that have to be adhered. Only authorised Police and Corrections staff involved in monitoring child sex offenders have direct access.

Qualification definition, the Act defines registrable offenders as those 18 years old and over at the time they committed a qualifying offence, who were found guilty and jailed as a result. But the register would not simply contain location details. PO Box 180 I Wellington, phone Alecia Bailey OIA #547 email 6/09/2012 1:06.m. Qualifying offences are specified. Access to the register information, only authorised Police and Corrections staff involved in monitoring child sex offenders will have direct access to information on the register. Dear Ministry of Justice, In regards to my request about registered sex offenders - please replace the word registered with convicted. Disclosure protocols apply in these circumstances, to maintain the confidentiality of the information between agencies. Information received about an offender is assessed by their Police case manager (and their probation officer if the person is subject to release conditions or an extended supervision order) and by specialist staff working in the Child Sex Offender Registry. This will come into force 30 days after the Royal assent is granted. It is a tool to help Police and Corrections staff with the monitoring of people who have offended in the past, with the aim of preventing re-offending and keeping children safe.

The primary objective of the register is to make sure those on the list are accountable at all times. He says the general feeling among lawyers he has spoken too is that the information requirements could be rather Orwellian and a burden on police and Corrections. Many offenders are released with special conditions or on extended supervision orders, which provide varying levels of protection to the community. Information can be provided anonymously to Police via Crimestoppers. Schedule 2 of the legislation. 'Labour is keen though to see the detail around the Government's plans to make sure they are appropriate and will make children and communities safer she said. Parliament has passed the, child Protection (Child Sex Offender Government Agency Registration) Bill.

After five years it is estimated that there will be around 3000 people on the register in total, with around 2100 in custody and around 900 living in the community. This will be done by providing government agencies with the information needed to monitor child sex offenders in the community, including after completion of their sentence, and by providing up-to-date information to assist the Police to more rapidly resolve cases of child sexual offending. For this reason relevant information held on the register will be able to be shared with specified agencies (Ministry of Social Development, Housing New Zealand, DIA and Customs) in the interest of public safety. . New Zealand's, child Protection (Child Sex Offender Government Agency Registration) Act 2016 came into effect on It is a retrospective piece of legislation, so anyone currently serving a prison sentence for crimes against children - victims under 16 years old - will be reviewed upon. These agencies can also provide information on the registered person to Police and Corrections. If youre not sure whether its an emergency or not, call 111.

The legislation's stated purpose is to establish a Child Sex Offender Register that will reduce sexual reoffending against child victims, and the risk posed by serious child sex offenders. Changes in personal circumstances of an offender can be a trigger for an escalation in their risk of re-offending. Retrospective legislation, the legislation has retrospective powers. More information on how decisions are made about releasing people from prison is available on the. They noted that they would not have the numbers of sex offenders resident anywhere at any one time - this would depend on the specified bail or release conditions. This applies to those people who are subject to conditions or extended supervision orders, as well as those who are living freely in the community without conditions.

They assess what effect that change in the persons circumstances has on their risk of re-offending, and whether preventative action needs to take place to try and prevent an opportunity for re-offending. Offenders will remain on the register for either 8 years, 15 years or for life, depending on the severity of the offence they committed and the sentence received. How many people are likely to be on the register? "This is not simply a list of names said Social Development Minister Anne Tolley, in a press release when the legislation came into force. Any list would not be open to the public however. Child Protection (Child Sex Offender Government Agency Registration) Act 2016, which was enacted on 14 September 2016. Yours faithfully, Alecia Bailey, please use this email address for all replies to this request: OIA #547 email, disclaimer: This message and any reply that you make will be published on the internet. How the register works, when people on the register come out of prison, they have to report a range of personal details to the register for example their address, their motor vehicle details, details of children living in their household, internet provider details, any websites. Authorised members of the police force will also be able to release some information about an offender to a third party, but only if there is a threat to the safety of a child/ children.

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Thats why the Child Sex Offender Register was introduced. A person stays on the register for either 8 years, 15 years or for life depending on the severity of the offence they committed and the sentence they received. Offenders must visit a police station and submit reports to an authorised Police officer over the duration of their CSO Registration. Purpose, set out in section 3, the purpose of the Act is to establish a Child Sex Offender Register that will reduce sexual reoffending against child victims, and the risk posed by serious child sex offenders by: (a) providing government agencies with the information needed. Getting information about an individual offender.

SST Offenders Database Sensible Sentencing Trust (SST) About the Child, sex Offender, register A Child, sex Offender, register has recently been established under new legislation, the Child Protection (Child. Sex Offender, government Agency Registration) Act. Child Sex Offender (CSO) Register New Zealand Police Corrections Department NZ - Offender Population Report 2013 Report was previously known as the Offender Volumes. This report presents information about trends in the offender population managed by the Department from, to assist with our goal to reduce re-offending.

A NZ child sex offender register Kiwiblog A NZ child sex offender register The Herald reports : New Zealands first register of child sex offenders is to be set-up with the Government saying currently such people can disappear into communities. A sex offenders register Andrea Vance at Stuff reports : Opposition parties are challenging the need for a sex offenders register, saying they often become public and are historically prone to mistakes which can devastate innocent peoples lives. A sex offenders register Kiwiblog February 2013 registered SEX offenders Of registered sex offenders traveling to the United States through several means, including tips from foreign officials or when CBP queries the registered sex offender s biographic information at a port of entry and finds that the offender has. New Zealand s, child Protection (Child, sex Offender, government Agency Registration) Act 2016 came into effect.

Child Sexual Offender Register now operational - NZ Law Public access to sex offenders register ruled out Stuff It is a retrospective piece of legislation, so anyone currently serving a prison sentence for crimes against children - victims under 16 years old - will be reviewed upon their release to determine whether they qualify for CSO Registration. A register for sex offenders is set to be a new tool for. Child sex offender register legislation passed - NZ Law Registered sex offenders - a Official Information Act New Zealand authorities, but just who gets access to that list remains unclear. Police Minister Anne Tolley confirmed a register was being.

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